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Salvation Army EDS team responds to 5-alarm fire at Pike-Lincoln Technical

A Briefing By: Anthony DiStefano, Emergency Disaster Services Director

On 2 December, 2011, at approximately 9:15pm, Russ Weltmer, TSA’s Lincoln County SEU and Advisory Committee chairman, received a telephone call from the Lincoln County (MO) Fire Department.

The LCFD was requesting that The Salvation Army respond to a fire and plan to meet the food and hydration needs of 125 fire fighters, paramedics and police officers who were at that time on the scene of a 5-Alarm fire in Eolia, MO.

At 9:22pm, Russ contacted Anthony DiStefano (Midland Division EDS Director), and discussed the situation as to how best to meet and accomplish this challenge.

After a plan was formulated, DiStefano left for the scene (81 miles away) and arrived at 11:09pm at the Pike-Lincoln Technical Center in Eolia, MO (27 miles north of Troy, MO).

After acquiring the food and hydration requested to meet the needs of the First Responders who had been fighting this blaze since 6pm that evening, Russ (approximately 30 miles away) arrived on-scene at 11:39pm with Vera WELTMER and Phyllis CROSS (both members of the TSA’s Lincoln County SEU and the Advisory Committee).

All four individuals remained on-scene until the blaze was under control and no more food or hydration services were required.

The Salvation Army would like to sincerely thank Russ Weltmer, Vera Weltmer and Phyllis Cross for not only being available to respond to the needs of their community at this late hour, but also of their fast response in obtaining the food and hydration that was requested and arriving on the scene in a very timely manner.

The Salvation Army would also like to commend Cathy Weatherford and Julie Rodgers (both members of the TSA’s Lincoln County SEU) for being on-standby in case they were needed, and also Pat Simmons (DHQ EDS) for her administrative assistance during this event.

All of the individuals involved in this incident were absolutely DOING THE MOST GOOD, and for that, WE CONGRATULATE THEM ALL!

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  • Charleigh December 9th, 2011 5:08 am

    Superoir thinking demonstrated above. Thanks!

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