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The Salvation Army has several ways you can help.

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Donation of Prevention

Written By: Stephanie Mueller, Communications

On August 29, the Midland Radio Corporation presented a check for $44,100 to The Salvation Army’s Emergency Disaster Services.

Midland Radio Corporation and KTVI Fox 2 were able to team up to help promote the need of weather radios and that a portion of all proceeds from the sale of NOAA weather radios would benefit those impacted by disasters. The radios were sold at Schnuck’s and Orscheln stores in the St. Louis area.

The Midland Radio Corporation, headquartered in Kansas City, Mo., is the nation’s top manufacturer of NOAA weather radios. These radios, which are run by the National Weather Service, literally have the power to save lives, according to Midland Radio Corporation spokesperson and meteorologist, Bruce Jones.

“Every home should have a weather radio,” he said. “They are most important at night when you turn your TV and phone off and are completely cut off from the world.”

These radios will act in the same way a fire alarm might in warning those around of an approaching storm, an especially prevalent warning in light of last year’s tornado in Joplin, Mo.

Jones noted that the $44,100 contribution was the result of more than 17,000 radios purchased in the St. Louis area.

“Everyone has a fire alarm in their home but these radios are just as important,” Jones said.

As to where these funds will go, Jones says the sky is the limit. After seeing what The Salvation Army did in the aftermath of the Joplin tornado, he’s confident as to the good this money will do.

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