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Legacy of Recovery

By: Stephanie Mueller, Communications

The man who was just elevated from Phase 1 to Phase 2, completing the first step on his road to recovery, is someone’s father. The man who was introduced as a new client looking for a better tomorrow is someone’s son. The man sitting in the back row cheering on his friends as they receive their certificates of elevation is someone’s brother. They are struggling but they are hopeful and The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center has and will continue to be there to foster this hope.

The ARC has restored countless lives, assisting men suffering from drug and alcohol dependency to become functional and successful members of society for more than 80 years.  On Oct. 10, the organization’s anniversary, the city recognized the ARC for their contributions to the area, proclaiming the date to be The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center Day throughout St. Louis.

Clients of the center attended a ceremony where this proclamation from the Mayor’s office and a congratulatory note from the Missouri Senate were read. These were met with a standing ovation from those gathered.

Major K. Kendall Mathews told the men that the goal of the six-month program was to make them feel self-worth again, their lives being more than whatever addiction might be consuming them. It is about getting men back to work, a goal facilitated by the work therapy component of the rehabilitation program, clients placed into work situations to prepare them for future employment.

Raven Steele, a former client of the facility and current Communications Specialist at ARC, spoke to those gathered in light of this milestone.

“I lost a battle to the streets,” he said. “If I spoke five languages, I still wouldn’t have the words to say how The Salvation Army changed my life.”

Met with rapt agreement from those gathered, the hopes of these men were palpable in the small chapel, Steele a guiding light as the 95 clients continue on their sometimes tremulous journeys.


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