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Local company shatters goal for Salvation Army food pantry

When it heard The Salvation Army’s O’Fallon food pantry was running low on select items, a local company banded together and collected more than one ton of food to feed local families.

After touring the O’Fallon food pantry and temporary housing facilities, National Information Solutions Cooperative (NISC), based in Lake St. Louis, challenged its employees this week to collect 1,000 pounds of dry goods, specifically rice, pasta and sauce, cereal, dried beans, canned meat, canned fruit, and peanut butter.

Halfway through the  week, NISC Engineering and Operations Vice President Todd Eisenhauer got an idea: turn the food drive into a friendly competition among NISC departments. If his department won, he would take them out for lunch.

The results shattered all expectations. In one week, NISC collected 2,140 pounds of food.

“The employees just went crazy when this competition started,” said Jackie Rocha, NISC Office Services and Facilities Manager. “They were running out to get more food until the very last minute. Having the chance to help our community and do our part was something we all were excited to do.”

According to Capt. Paul Ferguson of the O’Fallon Worship and Community Center, the food pantry currently serves more than 700 families for month. With the addition of NISC’s generosity, St. Charles County families will now have plenty of food for at least the next month.

“It’s just absolutely wonderful,” said Capt. Paul Ferguson of the O’Fallon Worship and Community Center. “I can’t even begin to say how appreciative we are. When I met with the employees at the end of the food drive, you could see on their faces how excited they were to do this for us. They realized hunger isn’t too far away from any of us, and that there are probably people in their own neighborhoods who will benefit from this food.”

In the past two years, Capt. Ferguson said the pantry has seen an overwhelming surge in Rocha said NISC hopes to hold another food drive later this year to benefit The Salvation Army and challenges other companies and businesses to follow suit.

“We can’t wait to help out again, maybe even add another level of competition to it,” she said. “It’s something easy that any company or business could do, and it’s something that will ensure the families in our community do not go hungry.”

If your organization or business is interested in hosting a food drive for any of The Salvation Army food pantries, please contact Janice Anderson at (314) 646-3194.

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