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‘I Couldn’t Even Buy Shoes for My Kids’

Story-1-Cover-PhotoWorking in a department store, I barely earned enough money to support my family. Things were already difficult as a single mom, but barely living paycheck to paycheck made it even harder.

So when I missed a few days of work when one of my kids was sick, my weekly paycheck was smaller than usual, leaving me unable to pay some bills. I had never asked anyone for help before, and I didn’t want to now. But I put my pride aside, and went to The Salvation Army.

As I filled out the paperwork for financial assistance, I talked about my job. I told The Salvation Army worker that one of my duties at the store was to put shoes on the shelves.

And that’s when I lost it.

With tears in my eyes, I said, “Do you know how hard it is to put shoes on shelves all day long and not be able to buy your own children a new pair of shoes?

The Salvation Army answered my prayers that day—not just to pay my utility bills, but also to buy my kids some shoes.

Shoes. Such a little thing, so easy to take for granted. But when your kids’ shoes are falling apart, you realize how important they are.

I’m just glad that no problem is too small for The Salvation Army. They quickly made me feel at ease, even loved, on that first day. My shame immediately disappeared.

Their small act of kindness was a very big thing to me.



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