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The GOOD: There’s S’More to Camp Mihaska Than Meets the Eye

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For the hundreds of campers who descend there each year, Camp Mihaska serves as an alternate reality from their day-to-day. It’s the only place where they’re served three meals a day, told repeatedly how much they are loved, and given a safe and worry-free place to sleep. However, that’s only part of the story.

Located in the foothills of the Missouri Ozark Mountains, the 725-acre Mihaska has served as a Christian retreat and sanctuary for the past 60 years. Its attractions mirror those of a traditional camp: fishing, swimming, crafts, and sports.
But a trip to Mihaska is about more than recereational fun. Built into each day is structured enrichment programs that aid in personal and spiritual development.
Sessions offered at Mihaska include activities for children, tweens/teens, and families along with specialized sessions focusing on discovering and strengthening spiritual, social, intellectual, and musical gifts. Helping campers realize and reach their full potential is a Mihaska motto.
Both the camp and The Salavation Army are dependent upon donor generosity. For a list of needed items or to make a monetary donation, please visit

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