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#BagStagePass Thursday: Eilen Soener

**Every Thursday leading up to the 4th Annual Garbage Bag Gala, we will help you get to know the 17 designers creating pieces for the show.**

Eilen Soener

eilensoenerWhat initially interested you in fashion design? Tell us about when you began this pursuit.

My love for fashion started from the first moment I saw a fashion show on TV. I remember seeing all the beautiful dresses going down the runway and how confident the models looked; from that moment I knew I wanted to be part of that world.

Give us a brief outline of your creative process. What inspires you?

To me inspiration can come from anything, but what really fuels my creative process are the materials that I use and all the possibilities that they can offer.

Homelessness is a consistent issue in St. Louis. What issues inspired you to participate in Garbage Bag Gala to support The Salvation Army?

I feel that as a society we have become wasteful; if something is no longer in perfect conditions we will throw it away and move on to the next thing. By participating on the Garbage Bag Gala we have the chance to show that there are still other things that you can do with those items.

How has this particular task – using all recycled goods, trash and garbage – influenced your designs for Garbage Bag Gala?

What excites me the most about using recycled goods is the idea of making something beautiful out of things you would usually throw away. Giving those items a new life is very inspiring.

Come back next Thursday for another #BagStagePass! To attend Garbage Bag Gala 2015, click here to purchase tickets.