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3010 Apartments win 2015 National Historic Preservation Award

WASHINGTON, D.C.  — On November 6, 2015, The Salvation Army Midland Division was proud to accept the National Trust/HUD Secretary’s Award for Excellence in Historic Preservation for the 3010 Apartments.

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, 3010 Apartments includes 58 single-bedroom units designed to fill the void left by the Harbor Light Center. Since The Salvation Army purchased the property in 1970, the Harbor Light Center served thousands in Midtown St. Louis, providing short-term institutional housing and care. Prior to 1970, the facility served as the Father Dunne Newsboys Home and Protectorate, a home and training site for homeless boys built in 1907.

The $12 million restoration of this historic four-wing complex remains true to the original facility’s purpose of providing disenfranchised individuals a chance at a successful life. The 3010 Apartments helps solve many St. Louis community needs including the need for affordable housing, environmentally-friendly developments, repurposing of old structures and opportunities for people to receive personalized, supportive services.


The National Preservation Awards are bestowed on distinguished individuals, nonprofit organizations, public agencies and corporations whose skill and determination have given new meaning to their communities through preservation of our architectural and cultural heritage. These efforts include citizen attempts to save and maintain important landmarks; companies and craftsmen whose work restores the richness of the past; the vision of public officials who support preservation projects and legislation in their communities; and educators and journalists who help Americans understand the value of preservation.

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