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Heat Wave Relief! The Salvation Army receives a shipment of 123 fans

twitter-westlake-logoWHAT: The oppressive heat of recent weeks has quickly depleted The Salvation Army’s fan supply. With summer still over a month away, their work of distributing fans is far from over.

This week, The Salvation Army will be receiving a new supply of 123 box fans from Westlake ACE Hardware.

Westlake recently hosted a fan drive to benefit The Salvation Army. Customers in Brentwood, Crestwood and Washington generously donated enough funds to purchase 123 new box fans to help their fellow citizens in need.

WHERE: Westlake ACE Hardware, 8740 Manchester Rd.

WHEN: Monday, August 1, 2016 at 1 p.m.
**Westlake ACE truck will arrive and the box fans will be reloaded onto a Salvation Army vehicle.

WHY: Heat poses a very real danger to the elderly, families with young children and those with medical issues. Fans are critical to keeping those without air conditioning or who are on a fixed income comfortable and safe during the hot summer months.

For more information about eligibility to receive a fan, contact The Salvation Army Midland Division at 314-646-3000.

CONTACT: Jack Wang, Salvation Army, 314-646-3017
or Susan Shank, Westlake ACE Hardware, 816-536-5746

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