There are many ways you can make a difference.
The Salvation Army has several ways you can help.

On behalf of all those served by The Salvation Army, we thank you.

Advisory Board

Civic Board
Kevin Demoff
Chief Samuel Dotson
Bob Fulstone
Chief Dennis M. Jenkerson
Spencer Koch
Michael Loynd
Rodger Riney
Scott Schnuck

Executive Committee
Mark E. Abels, Advisory Board Chairman
Kay Bradley
Sharilyn D. Franklin, Ph.D.
James F. Hoffmeister, Civic Board Chairman
Stephen Kidwell
Bryan E. Lundstrom, Treasurer
Amy McDermott
Julia K. Muller
Mark J. Schnuck
Patrick A. Seamands
John Wuest

Regular Members
John Baltz
Claudia Brodie
William J. Clark, IV
Mark E. Dunn
Cheryle Dyle-Palmer
Dirk Elsperman
Michael Gallagher
Ken Grapperhaus
William Greenblatt
Daniel Isom
Scott H. Malin
Michael K. Milosovich
Todd Nye
Sean Patty
Susan Rollins
Jean Sheets
Harinder Singh
Edward J. Wizeman
Tun Chan Chan Yan

Life Members
Robert J. Bodine
Thomas L. Holling
Herman L. Kriegshauser
Ronald P. Krueger
Richard B. Ragland

Ex Officio Members
Norbert Sewing
Adult Rehabilitation Center Council
Victor Baldinger
Arnold Advisory Council
Rick Ragsdale
Belleville Advisory Council
Lester Stuckmeyer
Gateway Advisory Council
Jeff Mugg
Maplewood Advisory Council
Mike Sommer
St. Charles/O’Fallon Advisory Council
Carol Betz
St. Louis Women’s Auxiliary
Alex McDonnell
Young Professionals Group