There are many ways you can make a difference.
The Salvation Army has several ways you can help.

On behalf of all those served by The Salvation Army, we thank you.

Ed Wizeman

I got involved with the Salvation Army as a representative from the Earthgrains Company to serve on the Advisory Board. I knew very little about the Army other than seeing the red kettles during the Christmas Season & seeing the Army on the news when a disaster occurred – but being involved with the Army has been an eye-opening and life-changing experience for me. I have learned that the employees and officers at The Salvation Army truly care about the people in need; are committed to spreading their Christian teachings, and utilize contributions more effectively than any other charity with the most impact on the people in need. They truly change the lives of those in need.

From my perspective, the two most impressive things about The Salvation Army are the ”People” and Camp Mihaska.

(1) TSA People: The most impressive thing about the Army is the people within the Army Organization. They are the most dedicated, committed, unselfish people that I have ever met. They live every minute of every day by their Christian Values. When I leave a Salvation Army meeting or have contact with an Officer or an employee, I feel guilty, that I should be living every minute of every day the same way, but I know that being associated with the Salvation Army has made me a better person.

(2) Camp Mihaska: I serve as the Chairman of the Camp Mihaska Committee. To be involved in the renovation and operation of the camp and to see the number of people from seniors to children, who attend camp, and their outdoor/nature experience while learning Christian values, has been a rewarding experience that I am dedicated to continue.

I give thanks for the opportunity to serve the Salvation Army and participate on the Advisory Board and the Camp Mihaska Committee.