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Camp Mihaska Retreat & Conference Center


Nestled in the foothills of the Missouri Ozark Mountains, Camp Mihaska has been a Christian retreat and sanctuary for more than 60 years, serving thousands of youth, families, churches, organizations and individuals seeking personal growth and spiritual development.

Owned and operated by The Salvation Army, Camp Mihaska provides a safe, fun and memorable experience for those seeking adventure.

The activities at camp are endless. When you’re not hiking in the woods along endless miles of trails, exploring the deep dark caves or fishing and paddle boating in the magnificent lakes, you can soak up the sun at our state-of-the-art pool with water sprays, a lap pool, vortex and an in-pool bubble tub. Basketball, volleyball, tennis and miniature golf are available day or night, as well as outdoor paintball games.

Come and allow us to pamper, challenge and minister to you on a fun-filled, educational and inspirational outdoor retreat you won’t forget! Contact your local corps for summer camp schedules for youth, seniors and families.

Click here to email Camp Mihaska. or call 573-732-5239  ext. 121  TOLL FREE: 1-855-226-7644.