There are many ways you can make a difference.
The Salvation Army has several ways you can help.

On behalf of all those served by The Salvation Army, we thank you.

Community Needs


The Salvation Army is an evangelic part of the universal Christian church. All Salvation Army community centers throughout Missouri and Southern Illinois are home to a church, which serves to spread the name of Jesus unashamedly, bringing hope and freedom with the message, as we work to carry out our more visible community work in His name.

To find a Salvation Army community and worship center near you or to learn more about Jesus Christ, click here.

To learn more about The Salvation Army’s evangelical international movement and theology, click here.

Emergency Social Services

Since the recession began, our community center corps locations have seen unprecedented levels of need in Missouri and Southern Illinois. New clients cross our threshold daily. Those who once were donors now find themselves in need.

Every community center location throughout Missouri and Southern Illinois offers a variety of basic social services, including food pantry, clothing, financial, utility and rent assistance. Salvation Army caseworkers provide casework and counseling services, including financial planning assistance, job placement strategies, and emotional support in cases of abuse or crisis.