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3010 Apartments


For more than a century, the property at 3010 Washington Boulevard has been synonymous with transforming lives of those in the greatest need in St. Louis.

Today, The Salvation Army will provide a pathway of hope, deterring homelessness for individuals with special needs in the St. Louis area with the development of 3010 Apartments.

Joining the Veterans’ Residence as a part of the Midtown project,
3010 Apartments houses 58 one-bedroom units universally designed
for individuals with a variety of special needs. Each apartment
features a full bathroom, kitchen and living/dining area.

The facility itself also includes amenities such as a computer lab,
laundry and 24-hour security. Listed on the National Register of
Historical Places and located near culture hub Grand Center,
the 3010 Apartments will provide residents with a safe space
to incorporate and build lifelong skills.

2015 National Historic Preservation Award Winner

For more information on the award, click here.