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Veterans Residence

The Salvation Army Veterans Residence



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Coming Home

Adjusting to life at home after returning from war can be as trying as the war, itself. Some veterans may find themselves homeless, estranged from families, and unable to live the lives they once knew. Seeing a need to expand the services of the Harbor Light Center, The Salvation Army implemented
a plan to build a Veterans Residence on Locust Street downtown to accommodate the growing number of veterans in need. Thanks to The Salvation Army’s Homeless Veterans Services Program and the Veterans Administration, this plan reached fruition in November 2012. The new Veterans Residence offers a safe haven for veterans while they work to get their lives back on track, whether they served 40 years ago or just recently returned home.



The Building

The $9 million, three-story building houses 48 single apartments for both male and female veterans. Unlike traditional low-income housing, the Veterans Residence apartments feature aesthetics of superior quality, solid surface counter tops, new appliances, and other high-end amenities. The building also boasts a computer lab. These homelike surroundings aim to give veterans something to work toward as they strive to reintegrate themselves into the society they risked their lives to protect.




Their Stay

Veterans staying at the facility, ideally leave with a job, money in savings,
and a home to call their own. Upon entrance to the facility, veterans are given personalized, intensive case management. During this process, their strengths
and weaknesses are recognized and then utilized to set manageable goals.
Walking veterans through fundamental activitites like grocery shopping is
just one way intensive case management can help provide them with a valuable, self-sustaining foundation for their new lives. Additionally, case managers will work diligently to reconnect veterans with their estranged families, as well
as connect disabled veterans to valuable resources for disability benefits.
Employable veterans will be given skills to procure a job, such as assistance with resumes and preparation for interviews.



Apartment Studio Features


48 one bedroom and loft
style apartments


411-450 sq ft. living


Full bathroom, kitchen, and living | dining area







Building features


Computer lab


Laundry facilities