There are many ways you can make a difference.
The Salvation Army has several ways you can help.

On behalf of all those served by The Salvation Army, we thank you.


“I am so personally touched by my experience that I will never allow another Christmas to go by without ringing.”

Allison Hudgins, Title Officer
Old Republic


Real Estate Wednesdays

What is Real Estate Wednesdays

Real Estate Wednesdays is a unique opportunity for those in the real estate industry to become a partner with The Salvation Army to help the needy in our communities. Real Estate Wednesdays is an opportunity for a broker, agent, title company, mortgage broker, mortgage company, insurance company, or any firm associated with the home ownership industry, to participate in ringing bells for The Salvation Army during the holiday season.

By volunteering on Wednesdays between Thanksgiving and Christmas to ring a bell for The Salvation Army, you will be helping those in your community who are struggling with the basic needs.

Benefits Include:
• Elevating the public image and perception of the real estate industry as a cooperative and caring group of professionals vested in making our community stronger.
• Connecting and reconnecting with clients throughout the communities we serve.

Historical Background

Real Estate Wednesdays is growing every year! It was started in 2013 in Phoenix, Arizona be realtors Joseph and Jo Ann Callaway. Today their Real Estate Wednesdays initiative has spread to many different cities and states throughout the country. Agents, brokers, leaders, title officers and affiliate companies have become involved in volunteering at Kettle stands ringing bells.

How can you Help?

1. Sign up to ring.
2. Recruit others to ring.
3. Challenge and encourage your colleagues.
4. Spread the word about helping the community during the holidays.

Open Wednesdays

Come ring the bell on the following dates.
November 28   
December 5
December 12   
December 19

Steps to Activate Volunteer Support.

Contact Shawndell or Laura to set up a time to ring.

Shawndell Williams CVA

Volunteer Manager
The Salvation Army

Laura Shucart

Shucart Realty Group of Keller Williams

To schedule your team, office, friends, family, colleagues, and/or neighbors to ring at the location closest or the best fit for you.